Absurd Musings
1 min readNov 6, 2021

We have become so oddly advanced

We covered a long way till here

It wasn’t easy, but was it worth it?

The speedy trains, and the heavy cranes

That sound of music busting out loud

The skyscrapers reaching the clouds

The big screens with the colors evergreen

What do we imply with this modernism?

Novel theories and social criticism

The process of evolution has come so far

It keeps on going, as the fight never stops

Is it the curiosity? Or the needs?

Is it the best destroying nature for the faux?

We do have fixed some lousy scales

That we keep on following all the time

This endless loop of life and death

Where everything is replaced by another

They say to always deliver your best

But does it mean to live like a test?

Just live, love and laugh

That’s not the motto for us all

We have dreams and goals

If not, then we’re supposed to set so

A purpose for life, has what lead us here

Today, that holds facilities and some fears

Is it a wasteland with hollow lives?

Or is it a wonderland with magical fights?




Absurd Musings

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