Every soul craves for peace. This world, life, and its realities makes us tired and empty inside. We don’t feel anything. And when we’re fed up with everything around us, even our own selves, we start to search for peace. We long for silence, for purity, for truth, for something that will give our soul and mind a peaceful environment. And I believe, that human beings are capable of doing more than they think they can do. There is a lot more to explore inside your own self. What we try to seek outside, should be explored inside.

The life is always unpredictable. There are unexpected turns and twists that make us to give up and loose faith but these are the situations where faith keeps you alive. That faith and belief gives you courage and strength to overcome the hurdles. And the peace that you were looking for, it comes when faith in you prevails. When you start to see everything as a positive entity and let go of the worries, fears and negative thoughts, then you become satisfied with your life and its twists. You accept things the way they are and perceive them as passers by on the way to your journey. Because nothing stays forever, neither the bad time nor the good one. Everything is meant to go away. The only thing that will stay with you is the peace within you that you opt.




A Writer and a Poētria. Ambitious about Art and Literature.

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Absurd Musings

Absurd Musings

A Writer and a Poētria. Ambitious about Art and Literature.

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