“Optimism in Despair”

Absurd Musings
1 min readJul 10, 2020


I look at the future, I see no future
I look at the past, there’s no spark
All I’ve got is just the present
To make my life something to matter.

Making tough choices, pacing the labyrinth
Tossing and twisting with ups & downs,
I know I’ve got the endurance
For the journey is what makes it count.

Losing everything I loved, everything I had
I will bring back my euphoria with glean.
Illusions have always deluded me
With reality, now I will nurture my gleam.

Ogling at my dreams standing at the brink of fears
Too scared to jump, as I not know what lies beyond
But I have to get through cause it’s a milestone
So I’ll muster up the courage for I have to move on.

There are no minions to help me extricate
I alone should lead my way and fabricate
I will make the climb, no matter how much it’s steep
Faith, I should never lose and I’ll rise again with belief…

— Hafsa



Absurd Musings

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