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2 min readJul 19, 2020

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
Karl Lagerfeld

Back in University, we always used to plan for an outing and those plans never really succeeded despite our struggles. This was one of those times where we were lucky enough to go out altogether and I miss those moments. It was our last year and probably our last semester as far as I can remember. Almost 8 or 9 girls from our class including me made a plan for the tour at Joyland. It was so hard to get all aboard because none of us really coordinated well. Some of us had timing issues, some were worried about their parent’s approval but anyways we made it.

We reached the Fortress (it’s the area where Joyland is) at around 2 pm. It was very early because the Joyland was supposed to open at 4 pm 😂. So we kept wondering around here and there. We went to a bowling alley as well, it was pure fun. Then we all got hungry so everyone started suggesting a different menu. We went to a pizza place where we sat, had a bull session for 5 minutes about what to get and we left the restaurant after deciding nothing.🤣 So we went to another cafe that our friend suggested and all 8 of us got in there once again, sat for a while, took selfies, admired the theme and got out once again by rejecting the menu because it was out of our budget (that’s the beauty of a student life😋). The staff was looking at us as if they knew we were not gonna get anything.

After a while of roaming, we went to the mall were we finally had the lunch of our choice at the food court because of the variety and range there. So once again we were standing again at the gates of Joyland pleading the guard to let us in because there was still half hour left to 4 pm😆. Thus, we waited outside till they opened and all of us rushed inside. All of us got wrist bands so we could enjoy the rides infinitely. By the end of the day I got a little sick as well and I threw up whilst on a ride. 😂

But it was a vivid day overall & we had an unforgettable time together. Miss you guys… ❤

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