Love! The strongest of all…

Absurd Musings
1 min readNov 21, 2021

Love! The strongest of all
Appealing and endearing
Lofty and sublime
Wishes to make you fall

Steady it is, though inside
It races like a horse
back & forth
Without a cord

Love is a captivation
A will to surrender
within a cage that is unlocked
Not wanting to let it go

A self opted imprisonment
On grounds that are barren
Makes the prisoner lament
Feels divinity like in heaven

Love! Known the sweetest of all
Love! Blows the candles to fall
Love! Betrays with what it obeys
Love! A trickiest one that delays

Not as sweet as you may believe
A poisonous potion ready to swig
With calmness it pours
Why so tangled to lure?

To see, to feel,
To fear, to dream,
To take, to redeem
To blow in the stream

A bubble carrying rainbows around
No longer it teases, but
Yes it has a sound.
A little bit drowned

It sure is not an easy one
To comprehend and defend
To gulp this bitter love
Supposing as a sweet friend

Ah! Yes it still remains
Alive with a lot fight
Yet caged for an eternal life
Love! The strongest of all...




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