“Lesson from a Bird”

Bits from my Gallery

That bird I saw
Some years ago,
Is fresh in my mind
Like an imprint that’s new.
It made me feel
A thing inside
To fly away far
Or deeply hide.
That bird was trying
Real hard to fly
Against a windy sky
Struggling to cut
A way otherwise.
Though the wind was cruel
Pushed it back again
But the bird was sure
To make it through.
Flapping back & forth
Making it’s own way
But not giving up
No, it never gave up.
I asked myself,
How big is the fright??
That we carry around
Each time in a windy life.
I never tried that much,
I never fought against
I made it a big thing
That I’m helpless
Against this wind.
It wasn’t true at all
That bird made it
Clear to my walls;
“That winds don’t wait
They won’t make ways
They never go away
They’ll pause to return again
They’re a big part
Of this little life
They are here for me
To strengthen my flight
The more I fight
The better I will dive
Into that windy life.”
Making my own way
Creating my own play
So I won’t give up
Like I used to do
That bird I saw
Made me feel alive…


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