Absurd Musings
1 min readNov 2, 2021

What is real?
What is ideal?
What is this knowledge?
Why vindicating with pledge?

I see what I see, with a keen vision
Ordeal events by steered division
I watch as they laugh
Altogether with inside wars

Merrily gathered kith & kin
They know well how to win
All in masked faces
Leaving behind no traces

Truth gets far away
With falsehood at display
Ergo, what I think I know
I do not know that I know...

Or is it just an imagination?
A place where I keep wondering
With no sense of tracks
All is in an endless loop

I step to reach afar
But I reach where I start
I wonder what I see?
Maybe the fear to foresee

Filling spaces with lines
That make nothing but a maze
So in a maze I keep looking
Searching and stumbling

Running and hiding
Reaching and diving
Trying all along
To get somewhere in a zone

Where I can find my peace
Where I will know what I know
Where I will be real
Once and for all...

- Hafsa



Absurd Musings

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