• Darrin Atkins

    Darrin Atkins

    writer and novelist. traveler and adventurer. looking for fun in the sun. chasing the dream. can't stop the feeling that time is going faster.

  • Katarzyna Sawicka

    Katarzyna Sawicka

    English teacher and private tutor. Interested in English grammar, lifestyle and freelancing.

  • Samuel O'Brient

    Samuel O'Brient

    Financial news writer by day, political commentator by night. Former economic policy analyst. Founder and Publisher of My Side of the Aisle.

  • Ayomide Adeniran

    Ayomide Adeniran

    Product. Write. Tech.

  • Tahirhamid


    Advocate of change

  • Penny Pearson

    Penny Pearson

    Aspiring writer. New to this platform. My interests are psychological wellbeing and historic arts.

  • Juned Ahsan

    Juned Ahsan

    Strong believer of learning and sharing. Professionally into enterprise, people and technical leadership. Personally, I like to read, write, and meet new peop

  • Mel Bee Millanes

    Mel Bee Millanes

    ESL Teacher. Writer. Poetry. Short Stories. Content and Marketing Copies. Music Lover. Gardener.

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