Absurd Musings
Nov 18, 2021


What a blessing it is, to be able to see the colors around you.

To look at the lights, flowers, sky, people, and all that surrounds.

To feels the vibrance and to feel the beauty with your eyes.

How immense is this blessing, which we don’t even appreciate?

It’s such a loss that we don’t see what we are supposed to.

Such a pity that we just see, but we can’t really see.

We only see the Whats and Whos.

We never see the Hows. The real image…

There is a look which is just a mere scanning.

Then there is this gaze, which struggles to look deeper.

To feel the warmth, the cold, the structure, the beauty in every aspect.

It makes you to decipher, what a blessing it is to be able to really see…




Absurd Musings

A Writer and a Poētria. Ambitious about Art and Literature.