Absurd Musings

Taking life for granted
Sounds pretty much haunted

Unconsciously being driven
By our own habits unorganized

We cut loose all the ties
To make it easier for our own

Little did we know it won't
Only to suffer more and more

And to question our life alone.
This and that, why and how

Why can't we be aware of the now?
How far have we come at nowhere?

This class distinction running everywhere
That fight among the same team players

Hefty voices with constant noises
Grudges and brawls, abusiveness crawls

Where does it all stops?
What will it take to adopt?

Surrounded by wires and crazy desires
Making unreal truths and truthful liars

We took it too much for granted
Life wasn't meant to be this haunted...




How deep is the ocean?
How far is the sky?
How love becomes a passion?
How hate always defy?

We dream to fly
We hope to bring joy
We stumble upon a fear
We hide under a soft cry

All we ever gained was,
To walk on a paved path
Thinking the unnecessary
Still trying not to try

Wild is the felony we have
With this bewitching mind
To create more illusions
In a blurry field to die...




There’s something unusual unsaid

Where words seem to fly away

Like a fading cloud beyond the reach

Where nothing makes sense at all.

There’s a time, timeless itself

Where it stops but keeps on ticking

Into the oblivion, goes the sanity

Where the darkness gets more dark.

There’s a mind struggling around

Where labyrinth surrounds it all

A passage to escape, much needed

Where demons are long gone.

There’s a seeker seeking something

Where anything can be found

But finding itself gets lost

Where nothing really comes out…




I met myself once
I looked into my own eyes
I gazed deeper for a while
I couldn't really recognize

It was a different me
It was a shadow I thought
It made me wonder so long
It left me tangled in questions

My features were blurred
My thoughts were sharp
My shadow had a reason
My real self got shocked

A voice came out of nowhere
A sketch it made inside
A reality it painted there
A canvas that filled me with tears

I cried as I watched it
I hid myself beneath trees
I found a change so chasmic in me
I met myself far from reality...