Education is the movement from darkness to light.

- Allan Bloom

Education is the most basic and powerful element that can change a person’s character and life. It cannot be denied that education is mandatory for everyone to live a confident and aimed life. There are millions of children who…

Analysis of “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther from Frantz Fanon’s Perspective of Racial Discrimination in his “Black Skin, White Masks”

“O my body, make me always a man who questions!”

- Frantz Fanon


The article is based on the analysis of the iconic speech “I Have…

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”
―William James

Why do people often get frustrated over trivial issues that we do not care about otherwise? The particular reason for this can often be Stress. Stress is something that in today’s world has become…

Love! The strongest of all
Appealing and endearing
Lofty and sublime
Wishes to make you fall

Steady it is, though inside
It races like a horse
back & forth
Without a cord

Love is a captivation
A will to surrender
within a cage that is unlocked
Not wanting to let it go…

She sat down
To write something...
She picked up her diary
The moment she held her pen
All the words she had gathered,
Vanished into a black hole.
She sat still,
Holding her pen loosely,
With an empty mind
Staring on the blank paper
Waiting to be filled with colors.
But she had none of them
Except a black and white hue.

We have become so oddly advanced

We covered a long way till here

It wasn’t easy, but was it worth it?

The speedy trains, and the heavy cranes

That sound of music busting out loud

The skyscrapers reaching the clouds

The big screens with the colors evergreen

What do we…

Absurd Musings

A Writer and a Poētria. Ambitious about Art and Literature.

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